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Hardwood Flooring in Manhattan, KS

Are you ready to invest in new hardwood flooring? Hardwood floors represent a significant investment, so be sure to choose carefully. If carefully selected and installed, your hardwood flooring will grace your space for generations, complement your home décor, and help redesign your room.


At Carpet One Floor & Home of Manhattan, KS, we have a passion for perfection and can help you find the solid or engineered hardwood flooring for home or business. We have the best hardwood flooring brands, including Mannington, Paramount, Rain Tree, Jackson, and Provenza. Let pir experts guide your journey.




Show Off Your Style With Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is hot in every style. There are options for every preference, space, and setting, and whether you prefer a modern look or something more classical, we’ve got hardwood flooring to fit your needs. Weathered and rustic options made to resemble time-worn woods are currently topping the trend list. Choose from a wide span of shades, sizes, stains, and finishes.




Beyond the Forest: Many Hardwood Species

Hardwood flooring can be made from varied species of wood, both exotic and domestic. Among the most popular options are:

Remember that each species has different rewards and challenges, and levels of hardness will vary, so choose with care.




Is Engineered Hardwood the Same As Solid Hardwood?

Choosing a solid or engineered hardwood flooring comes down to where you want to install it in your home, as well as your performance expectations. For example, most solid hardwood floors are thick and can be refinished multiple times but should be installed in dry, low-traffic areas of your home, like in bedrooms.


On the other hand, engineered hardwood flooring performs anywhere in your home. Although not as thick as solid, they are more stable due to their multi-layer construction and can consequently be installed in places like a hallway or even in living rooms. Engineered hardwood cannot be refinished. So Where Can I Install My Hardwood Floor?


Hardwood flooring is ideal for dry, quiet rooms. Unfortunately, bathrooms and kitchens aren’t standard spots for hardwood since moisture and humidity aren’t their friends. Engineered hardwood has a much greater deal of flexibility since they are less likely to shrink or expand. A more recent introduction to the hardwood family, waterproof hardwood products are indeed a game-changer.




Scheduling A Hardwood Installation: What to Expect

Our installation team often covers your floor during installation, using tarps or cardboard to keep dust from flowing, or scratches from occurring. Keep in mind that your planks will require up to 48 hours to acclimate prior to the actual installation. All installations are covered by a yearlong warranty. We install pre-finished hardwoods only. Patterned installations, like herringbones, are offered at an additional premium.



Daily Life With A Hardwood Floor

Having hardwood flooring means maintaining a consistent interior climate. If exposed to heavy moisture, your floor might show wear when you don’t want it to! Scratches can and will happen, no matter how careful you are.

For the healthiest floor, use a humidifier or humidistat to maintain consistent climates in your room. Furniture protectors are strongly recommended to prevent everyday damages. It’s also vital to choose products appropriate for hardwood care when cleaning or polishing, such as BonaX. Discover Our Hardwood Flooring Inventory Carpet One Floor & Home of Manhattan is an independently owned and operated member of the world’s largest flooring cooperative. With our incredible inventory, competitive warranties, and localized services, we’re your destination for better hardwood flooring options. To learn more about our hardwood flooring selection or browse our product displays, visit us soon at 501 Fort Riley Boulevard in Manhattan, KS.





What Else Should I Know About Hardwood?


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Hardwood Moisture Testing Services


Learn more about how we evaluate for moisture in rooms before every hardwood flooring installation.