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Beauty Of Bamboo Flooring

Looking for a durable, unique wood-like floor without the maintenance of a traditional hardwood? Bamboo is gaining popularity as an ecologically sensitive alternative to conventional hardwood flooring materials. Unlike most plastic laminates and sensitive exotic hardwoods, bamboo is ecologically friendly and sustainably harvested. Since it’s a renewable resource, the manufacturing process of bamboo flooring doesn’t leave much of a carbon footprint—and once it makes its way into your home, its resilient and low-maintenance qualities continue to provide enduring value. As an added bonus, because the manufacturing process has become streamlined in the last few years, bamboo floors are now in an accessible price range for even the most budget-minded homeowner. 

Bamboo is actually not a hardwood at all—it’s a very fast-growing grass that comes from a tropical environment. Part of its durability comes from its regenerative qualities: it constantly produces new shoots without the need for extensive, invasive farming and replanting efforts. It’s more than twice as impact-resistant as oak and when manufactured as a floor covering. The compression process compacts the fibers using extreme temperatures that result in an extra-durable, highly resilient floor choice with the appeal of hardwoods—but none of the time-consuming upkeep and maintenance.

Bamboo is a Favorite For High-Traffic Areas

Bamboo floors best-known quality is its durability. Since it is actually a laminated composite of multi-dimensional layers, bamboo flooring flexes and contracts up to 50% less than traditional hardwoods.

 A Naturally Water-Resistant Choice

 Since it doesn’t absorb water like most other natural  hardwoods, it is a particularly popular choice for  kitchens and bathrooms.  After all, bamboo’s natural  habitat is humid and damp, so its water-resistant  quality isn’t manufactured—they are naturally built  into  every fiber.

An Elegant But Rugged Floor Covering

Bamboo floors are famous for standing up to the abuse of children, families, and pets. The natural flexibility of the material allows it to bounce back from dents and scratches better than other floor options.

A Designer’s Favorite

Bamboo flooring has a unique look that is unlike any other wood floor covering. Its natural striations and fiber patterns are aesthetically appealing and unmatched in traditional hardwoods. When manufactured as a flooring choice, bamboo comes in a variety of widths and acrylic finishes that complement its natural appearance. 

When you choose bamboo as your floor covering, you are bringing a beautiful, unique, ecologically sensitive flooring product into your home for years to come.


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