Hardwood Flooring

Information on Hardwood Flooring for your home.

Solid Hardwood vs. Engineered Hardwood

Investing in flooring can be an overwhelming process. This is where your friends at Carpet One Floor & Home of Manhattan can help. Allow us to talk you through the benefits of wood flooring as an option, with its longevity being one of its main features, wood flooring is an extremely cost effective option.  The characteristics of a wood floor are unmatched by any other flooring type.

Solid hardwood floors are made of just that, solid hardwood. While solid wood is sensitive to moisture, the natural nature of the product allows it to be refinished multiple times. This makes solid hardwood floors extremely versatile and durable. Solid hardwood is also resistant to fading. This means your product can look great for years.


Another type of wood floor to consider is an engineered wood floor. Arguable the biggest benefit to engineered wood floors is the fact it can manage moisture and will not expand and shrink like solid hardwood.  Engineered floors are made of up 3 to 7 layers that work together to create a durable product that resembles many of the characteristics of wood. This helps make engineered hardwood a perfect option if you are looking for a wood surface to install in below ground level.

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