Information on the different types of carpet to consider for your lifestyle.

Types of Carpet

Selecting the Right Carpet for Home or Office

One of the first things we do with each customer at Carpet One Floor & Home is explain the wide variety of carpet options available for your home or office. 
Modern carpeting is so varied because of the many different textures, colors, materials and designs used to create flooring for a variety of applications. While you may feel comfortable judging between traditional loop pile, cut pile and combination pile, we will show that is just part of the process of selecting your ideal carpet solution

Of course, cut pile carpets are found in many homes because they are so attractive, durable and can be chosen to select any budget. The manufacturing process for this carpet is the source of its name, as long lengths of yarn are used and then cut to create a plush surface.

Traditional Home and Standard Use Carpet

If you are limiting your shopping to cut pile options, you still have at least five basic styles of this staple from which you can choose. These include:
  1. Saxony. Due to the heat set used to make this carpet, it retains a tuft appearance that provides durable use.
  2. Frieze. The strongly twisted tufts and a unique surface curl make this carpet ideal where there are concerns over matting.
  3. Velvet. The process used to provide this soft, cushiony surface avoids using twists and any heat setting.
  4. Cable. Carpets made using the cable technique use thick yarn to provide durable use and an informal appearance.
  5. Shag. Long lengths of yarn are customary with this carpet style, and this makes it susceptible to matting and crushing.

Office and Heavy-Traffic Styles

Two types of carpet flooring are designed to handle heavier traffic using a loop pile manufacturing technique.
  • Level Loop carpet flooring gets its name from the use of loops created to maintain a level height.
  • Multi-Loop Pile provides the same durable use but utilizes loops of varying lengths to create a pattern effect.
You will also find several styles of carpet flooring that are called combination pile because of their use of features from both cut and loop carpet techniques. Three of the popular versions of this carpet include:
  1. Random Shear, creating a very unique and pleasant texture with cut and uncut loops
  2. Tip shear, avoiding the high texture of random shear
  3. Level and Cut Loop Pile, using loop and cut piles

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