• Jul 31, 2015
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Lake House Décor

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If you're a lake person, you do not want your lake house décor to give off a "beachy" vibe.  And while we're very familiar with beach house décor and its nautical style, lake house décor is a much lesser known style of design.  In fact, there is little information about how to decorate and design a lake house, so we've put together a simple set of tips to inspire the design of your lake house.

Make it Personal

lake house decor

Who wouldn't love these signs at their lake house?!  Decorate yours with these simple wooden signs from Etsy.com or even try to DIY!

Leave Space for Seating

lake house decor

Photos from CoastalLiving.com and

Lake houses are for spending and enjoying time with friends and family.  Make sure you have enough seating inside and outside to accommodate everyone.

Stay Away from "Nautical" Colors

lake house decor

Blues and whites will make your lake house look like it belongs at the beach.  Try using natural colors and elements like neutral colors and wooden fixtures.  Windows overlooking the lake are always a plus, too!

Incorporate Nature

lake house decor

From TheMerryThought.com

What does the lake have that the beach doesn't?  Trees!  Take advantage of them by hanging a beautiful hammock to relax in by the lake.

Pick Up Your Toys

lake house decor

From HomedIt.com and LakeGirlPaints.BlogSpot.com

From canoes and kayaks to water skis and wakeboards, you always have your toys scattered in the yard!  Pick them up and prop them up against trees or your home for a subtle, yet artistic design.  If you're advanced, repurpose your old canoes into things like bookshelves or lighting fixtures.

Walk the Walk

lake house decor

From top left clockwise: BHG.com, DecoratingYourSmallSpace.com, FoxHomeDesign.com, and Vickys-Home.BlogSpot.com

Make everything in your home remind you of the lake - even your floors.  Include stone floors or gravel walkways in and around your home.

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